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Mar 17, 2019

Note: Mattijs and Hidde are part of the group of presenters at Cycling '74's Expo, which will be running from April 26-28, 2019. Ticket prices are about to go up, so if you are thinking about going, sign up now!

Showsync is one of those software pieces I've been hearing about for a while. Under development - and active use in show - for many years, it is now available for commercial purchase. With some high-profile users (and show) using the software, it was interesting to me to learn more about the people behind this software.

Mattijs and Hidde have been active members of the Max community for some time, and their work has taken advantage of the Max for Live connection to create a tightly integrated video solution for live shows. But rather than creating a 'reactive' system, Showsync provides all of the functionality of a timeline development system for 'composing' video content that can be synced to performance.

As we hear in this discussion, this changes the way you can consider video use in live performance. No longer do the musicians have to slave to the video - instead, the video work can sync to the performance, and the video artist can literally be a part of the band!

It's an exciting way to approach video production, and a cool way to imagine linking video to music performance in an organic way. I'm looking forward to learning more about this system (they well be doing demos and workshops at Expo '74), and trying my hand at a different way of providing live performance video.

You can check out their work at Enjoy!