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Art + Music + Technology

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Mar 31, 2019

I'm a sucker for a great book, and especially a great series. I also like knowing about books that will help people become better Max programmers. That combination comes into play with Maurizio Giri and Alessandro Cipriani's "Electronic Music and Sound Design" a (so far) two book series that explores Max/MSP programming through electronic music technique.

But Maurizio is into more than that: an active composition teacher, he exercises his electronic music muscles by creating pro-level Max for Live devices and iOS apps under the name Amazing Noises. The Amazing Noises Outer Space device is one of my favorite beyond-reverb plug-ins, and those apps feature some of the most intuitive user interfaces seen in audio development.

In this chat, Maurizio and I talk about the development of both books and applications from the standpoint of a traditional composition professor, and also discuss the way that modern (and often computer-enhanced) classical music is managed today. We get some great insight into a great mind, and get to see how all these things get created.