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Art + Music + Technology

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Apr 7, 2019

There are voices in our lives that are always welcome. One of those, for me, is Marc Weidenbaum. Marc has a long history of writing about things that I (and, I'm guessing, we) care about, and has been one of those people that consistently opens doors of musical understanding for me.

As the editor and chief bottle-washer of, he uses his words to explore music and sound in a way that I find inspiring. As the 'stimulant' behind the Disquiet Junto, he is also prompting musicians to produce work based on an idea - using suggestions that aren't always specific, but can often lead artists to do things that are a little out of the ordinary.

In our chat, we talk about everything from Marc's background working at Pulse, to his own musical practice, and also a lot about the inspiration and details behind the Junto. We also get to hear about the breadth of work that Marc pursues, and how he pulls it all together.

Super inspiring, and a call-to-action to boot! Enjoy!