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Apr 29, 2019

I've been a fan of Modularfield's recordings ever since I first ran into them. Featuring well-known releases by Ann Annie and HHNOI, the label has a strong identity - but it doesn't overwhelm the artists. Thus, you have variety, but a unified approach, and the whole works out quite well. With a new release by An On Bast, I realized it was time to check in with Markus - and he agreed to do a podcast.

We talked a lot about the curation process that he and Stefan Liehr employ in maintaining the high level of quality (and, as Markus put it, "timelessness"), as well as the details of hand-making cassette covers, finding new artists and making compelling artwork. It's a great insight into the thinking involved in running and maintaining a label - something I've always been curious about.

I'm a fan of Modularfield (obvioiusly...), and suggest that you check out their releases at Some of my favorites include all the Ann Annie releases, An On Bast's "Summer Camp Experiment", HHNOI's whole catalog and Reverbal Sign's "Silent Fog". But, of course, your choices may be way different than mine. Check it out, and enjoy the work!