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May 12, 2019

Let's face it - we didn't get into sound design in order to hang out with a bunch of strangers. We tend to be an insular community, and can barely look beyond our shoes to interact with one another.

But the Internet can change all of that, right? Well, maybe - but social media interaction isn't necessarily any easier for meeting people than house parties are. Along comes Holly Vernon with a smart prospect: create a network of connections that can be used to help us find each other, introduce ourselves in a safe way, and build up connects when and where we need them.

I happened to hear Holly talk at Synthplex, and found the proposal quite interesting. It can be as simple as posting social media content with the #exsoso hashtag, or you can add your name to the database and use that database to draw people into performances, workshops or whatever you happen to be doing in a new area.

Pulled together from Holly's experience finding people to meet, this is a growing opportunity for people interested in breaking out of their shells and finding collaborators, performers or performance locations. You can learn more about the Experimental Sound Society at, or search for the #exsoso tag on various social media platforms.