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May 26, 2019

Marco Petracca owns many names, but my favorite is HHNOI - his artist name for his work with composition using modular synths. Marco has made some careful choices about how he approaches musical development, how he chooses his tools and how he separates his recording work from his live performance. The result is a satisfying combination of well-crafted songform and beautiful sound design.

I first ran across HHNOI as I became fascinated with the Modularfield label, and was really pleased when Markus (from Modularfield) opened the door for a discussion with Marco. We got along great - it was clear that we had shared a lot of experiences: living through the tumult of recording format changes, watching analog come, then go, then come back again, and struggling with synchronization among all these systems. So we have a lot to talk about.

You can check out Marco's work at his Modularfield page, on the HHNOI site, or on his Soundcloud page. This was a fun discussion for me, and I hope it is a great listen for you, too. Enjoy!