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Jun 2, 2019

I first knew Doug Lynner's work as the editor/publisher of Synapse Magazine, an electronic music magazine before most people even knew that was a thing. Doug laid the groundwork for magazine-as-history in our cultural world, and took the opportunity to leverage his position and location (L.A.) to get a lot of great interviews over the magazines short-ish lifetime.

I have a couple of listener requests to have a chat with Doug, which caused me to do a little background work. My God - what a career. Between his CalArts education, the magazine work, his bands and his long history with Serge systems (including being an artist/demo dude for Serge himself), he was clearly a touchpoint for the things that interest all of us.

He continues full-force, doing one-on-one teaching, producing a weekly live performance radio show on KZSU ( and releasing new work based on his Modular Tonalism system. All of it is intriguing, and after listening to this chat, I'm sure you are going to want to learn more.

Check out all of Doug's work at, or at his bandcamp site ( Enjoy!