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Art + Music + Technology

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Jun 30, 2019

Not long ago I taught a class at a local college that was about the history and practice of electronic music. As part of that, I wanted to find good articles about various artists that could inspire as well as inform. I was surprised how often I ran across a single name - Geeta Dayal - behind the best articles. When I asked some friends for names of people to interview, Geeta's name came up, and I leaped on the opportunity to talk with her; I was fascinated to learn how she did such consistently great writing on subjects I care so much about.

Turns out, she's a worker. Deep research, digging out the details and not settling for simple Google searches. A love of both the people and the engineering. And a desire to reveal something different from what had been written before - that's a pretty good cocktail. The result is the articles I've grown to love.

If you want to go into a deep dive, you can check out her writing at, which is a compendium of some of her recent work. She also has started a Patreon site ( where you can help support her work. As she states in the interview - Patreon has a powerful position in helping journalists like her pursue the best possible stories.

Enjoy the podcast - and the reading!

For this podcast, I want to express my appreciation to 1010music ( and the Deft Esoterica zine ( for creating products that I enjoy, and that keep me engaged with the art and music world. Cheers!