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Jul 21, 2019

How do you describe a person that was apparently born to be an engineer, but also born to be an educator - and born to be a musician, too? I don't know either, so I'll just point at Chris Meyer and say "That guy!"

Chris Meyer is currently putting together some of the strongest instructional information on modular synths in the business; his "Learning Modular" is a great way to dig deep into the modular business, and figure out everything from basic voice creation to all of the subtleties of a Random Source DUSG. He's found a way to communicate the necessary details without totally sucking the creativity out of the process. As a result, there are a lot of people that have come to depend on his work in order to get the most out of their modular.

He has an amazing history in the music instrument industry (most notably as an engineer at Sequential Circuits) and the media education world (where he did heavy-duty visual work and instructional videos). All of this has come together to his current work, and his experience and sensibility helps bring home some otherwise abstract details.

As he says in the interview, you can find his work almost anywhere by searching for "Learning Modular". Check it out and you're sure to learn something new and important.