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Art + Music + Technology

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Aug 4, 2019

Every time I talk to someone from Berklee, I'm blown away by their enthusiasm, focus and breadth of experience. This week's guest, Loudon Stearns, is no exception. From rock operas to online classes, Loudon has his fingers into just about every piece of the musical pie. I was very happy to meet him at the recent Cycling '74 Expo, and to have a chance to interview him for the podcast.

We get a chance to talk about the challenges of teaching at Berklee - as well as being a student. We also talk about the variety of work that he's done, and how he approaches the oddities that one runs into with any work of significance. And we talk about his background, which is just damned impressive.

Enjoy the chat, check out his work at Berklee ( and especially his Berklee Online courses ( And I challenge you to listen to this interview and not want to learn more about what you do!