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Art + Music + Technology

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Sep 1, 2019

Named after the famous Philip K. Dick novel, Scanner Darkly is one of the most dedicated coders in the monome community. He got his start creating the Orca firmware for the monome modular devices, but really caught his stride working on updates to the Teletype - a coding module that features an exposed scripting environment. By adding a lot of new scripting functions (including a complete set of grid support tools), Scanner has made the Teletype a much more exciting for a lot of users.

In our chat, Scanner Darkly talks about his background learning coding, his interaction with electronic music and computer, and the variety of opportunities that he is currently pursuing. One of the 'soon-to-release' things includes some VCV rack work, so a lot more people will get to engage with his work. I think we all have something to look forward to enjoying!

You can find Scanner's work all over the internet - if you search for Scanner Darkly, you'll see that he must have been one of the early people to get access to the name on the net; if a link isn't about Philip K. Dick, it's probably about him. Enjoy our talk, and if you get a chance, check out his work, or keep a close eye out for his upcoming releases on VCV rack and other platforms.