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Sep 22, 2019

Ashley Bellouin's Ballads album is a revelation. On one hand, you could call it a drone release, but it's not quite that. You could call it electronic, or acoustic, or just plain alien and you'd be right, but not quite. It's the best of long-form music: subtly shifting, a dance with the collaborators and instruments, and a curiosity for the ear.

Ashley has been discussed in this podcast in the past - she often collaborates with Ben Bracken, and we talked a bit about her instruments in our interview with Ben. But we get into much more detail in this podcast - as well as the thinking and obsession behind the instruments. We also talk a bit about what how she processes interesting sounds into instruments, Max-based processes and location-specific performances.

We did this interview in a beautiful farmhouse studio, surrounded by instruments, recording gear, vinyl and books. I'll have to tell you - it was by far my favorite location interview ever, but you'll be able to tell in was in-person by the natural reverb in the room (and the different recording rig I had to use because I was traveling).

Enjoy, check out Ashley's work on Drawing Room Records and on her website: And try to imagine what instruments you would build to get that sound from your head into the world...