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Jan 26, 2020

I seem to have known about Sarah Belle Reid for ages - I think I often happen to be in places where she's playing, so it seems like she's been around for a while. I was surprised, therefore, when I heard that her recent release - Underneath and Sonder - was her first recorded release! Listening to it is a treat: there's a constant melding of processing, extended technique (on the trumpet) and lyrical melodies that make for a super-compelling set of track.

It took a while, but we've finally been able to have the interview we promised each other - right before Sarah was jumping into the NAMM whirlpool. It gave us a chance to talk about gear and devices, as well as her development of MIGSI (a sensor system for her trumpet), how she maps the data into useful processing, and how she imagines technology to be a stepping-stone for her work.

I really enjoyed hearing about her approach to her 'voice', and the way that the trumpet - as an extension of her body - was the perfect tool for getting data out there. I also appreciated some of the mentors that she was able to interact with, and see how this led to a robust view of sonic development.

You can check out more of Sarah's work at, and check out the release on its Bandcamp site: The work is beautiful, and points to an amazing future!