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Art + Music + Technology

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Mar 22, 2020

Philippe Petit is a whirlwind! He's produced a ton of recordings - and many of them are collaborations, some of them with surprising collaborators (Lydia Lunch and Cosey Fanni Tutti, for example). I describe him as 'fearless' in his approach to music creation: he's willing to use whatever tool is at hand, and dive in 110%. Lately, his main tool has been the Buchla Easel - but he's employed everything from a Moog to turntables, all the while making uniquely Philippe Music.

In our discussion, we chat about everything from his background DJing and running labels, to his views on the social nature of music, through his excitement behind the Modulisme radio program and his recent exploits with the Buchla. All of it is massively interesting, and the Modulisme site provides a great location to immerse oneself in the modular work of some amazing artists. 

To learn more about Philippe (a self-described Musical Travel Agent...), you can check out his website (, listen to a variety of work on his Bandcamp site ( and check out the radio show at Modulisme ( There is a wealth to be learned - and enjoyed - on these sites, so dive in!