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Art + Music + Technology

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May 24, 2020

Whether you are talking the Broken20 label, TVO music releases, the Further_in virtual festival or installations under his own name, you would have to admit that Ruaridh Law is dedicated. He's a self-described 'finisher', but also has a head full of ideas, so he's in constant motion. With Further_in in full swing, upcoming releases for the label and a new work (44 Tarot) in play, Ruaridh has lots to talk about!

What is fun in this interview is getting to hear about how media art is both an extremely personal and an extremely social thing for him. Some of his longest relationships are related to music-making, but his newest friends are all media artists. By providing a friendly face to a label and a (virtual) performance space, he is providing a great opportunity for community engagement.

If you haven't yet, check out Further_in on Twitch (, and the label on its own site ( and on Bandcamp ( Ruaridh is super-closely attached to the label; you can check out his 44 Tarot work here: