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Jun 28, 2020

I love it when I get suggestions from my listeners for something to research. Hearing about "acreil" - and tracking this down to Scott Nordlund - was a lot of fun, mainly because the starting point was on Bandcamp, and his music is so good. I'd learned that he was deep into working with Pure Data, and he had a great collection of releases, so I was all in!

And it was worth it. Scott has a clear opinion about what works - for him. He doesn't really worry about the general case; he's focused on what works best for him. And the result speaks for itself: check out his releases on Bandcamp ( and you'll see what I mean. He also has a fascinating Wordpress site ( where we get to find out about his research in Pure Data, his teardowns of EPROMs from different devices, and even in-depth dives into the obscure chips found in oddball synths.

All of this is wrapped up into a thoughtful and focused package. I love it - enjoy!