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Art + Music + Technology

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Aug 2, 2020

I first got to know Ned Rush through some glitch-based sample packs that he made available - a long time ago. He's continued creating - making sample sets, music releases and Max for Live devices, and has also been making interesting videos on his YouTube channel. Now, he's started a remote weekly performance series called "More Kicks Than Friends" that brings together a lot of people that you know from other online locales.

I was very excited to get Ned on the horn for a chat, and we cover a lot of ground - from his background as a guitar nut, to his entry into electronic music, through jacking into making videos and running MKTF. Along the way, we dig into his preference for cut-up editing, and some of his ideas for meshing guitar playing with effective music production. Very interesting, very revealing.

You can follow Ned through his Patreon page (, YouTube page ( and his Isotonik device page ( Such a fun conversation - I hope you enjoy it, too!