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Aug 30, 2020

I'd heard about the artist Strategy from Portland friends in the past, and always appreciated the subtle complexity that threaded throughout his work. When Joshua Clayton opened the door to speak with Paul Dickow - Strategy - I was excited to take the chance. As I prepared for the talk, I was surprised by the number of projects that Paul was involved in, and also his involvement with community support.

As we got talking, I also found out that we shared something else: a love of samplers. Getting a chance to dig into the quirky differences between different machines is loads of fun, but also a way to find unique ways of pulling unique sounds out of a variety of gear.

Paul also talks about how collaboration keeps him moving forward; how different group efforts lead him down different roads, and different labels helped push him into completing different sonic expressions. I came away with a sense of a guy that is sensitive to the world around him, and remains open to its influence.

Check out Strategy's work at and, the Community Library project at, and the Common Language label at So much great music!