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Nov 22, 2020

I was first drawn into the music. The album “Pineapple”, by Grand River, has been part of my playlist for a while, and has embedded itself into my subconscious. The concept behind the One Instrument label jumped out at me, and I was intrigued by everything that I heard. When I reached out about the label, I was blown away to know that I’d be talking to the artist as well. Lucky me!

Aimée Portioli is a busy soul. One Instrument ( keeps up a steady stream of output, featuring individuals willing to dedicate themselves to making a track using only a single instrument – and, in the case of modular synths, a single oscillator. The limitations also limit effects usage to only a reverb, which greatly changes ones approach to the single-instrument concept. The work that Aimée has collected is super-interesting, ranging from laptop junkies to vibraphone masters. The selected artists work through the process thoughtfully, and Aimée’s curation holds it together.

As Grand River (, Aimée is putting out releases (most recently on Editions Mego) that combine environmental looping with succinct whiffs of melody, and have become favorites of mine. Prior to the COVID-19 isolation, she was an active performer; alas, the pandemic has slowed that down - but she has plans! In our interview, we discuss everything from her background as a child choir prodigy to her methods of “research” behind her releases. A really insightful interview.

Transcription available at