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Art + Music + Technology

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Jan 3, 2021

Dr. Cecilia Suhr is an amazing individual: academic, performer, installation artist, painter, recording musician – she’s found herself in the midst of so many artforms. When one of my listeners pointed her work out to me, I was fascinated by the breadth of the work – but also the focus on interactivity, and the ‘honoring of the audience’.

Whether it is the high-velocity painting series, ‘happening’-like event installations like “I, You, We” or her variety of augmented reality pieces, Cecilia’s work is highly personal while still being really engaging. She’s found a way to draw people into her performances, and is able to take advantage of interactivity to produce complex artistic result.

In our discussion, we talk about her musical journey, how she ended up in academia, how working in Ohio affects her art efforts, and how she is planning to expand her vision for intermedia work. It really makes me want to track this work down (once COVID isolation is behind us…). You can learn much more at


Transcription available at