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Jan 31, 2021

If you listen to any of the music that I do, you have seen the name of this week’s guest: Taylor Deupree. He is a mastering engineer extraordinaire, but he is also an amazing artist and collaborator, as well as running the 12k label. But for all of this work, Taylor is amazingly laid back, and our discussion was fantastically chilled.

During our talk, we go through his background, getting started as both an artist and mastering engineer, how he approaches collaboration and what it is like to live in rural New York. Each part of this discussion is filled with surprise, and the whole interview really helps you understand – and appreciate – his work and his perspectives. Warning: it’ll also drive you into listening to a lot of his work, too!

You can learn more about Taylors work at his site (, his mastering site (, his bandcamp page ( and his label site ( Enjoy the exploration!

Transcription available at