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Apr 11, 2021

KamranV is dedicated to new technology for music. From his work at Interscope New Media, through his work on the Phonocut vinyl lathe, Kamran is pushing envelopes at every turn. One of his on-groing projects is the QUARK plug-in system, which provides and easy-to-assemble toolkit for quad encoding and decoding of tracks. The stuff is ‘cooked’ enough that it was used for Susan Ciani’s Live – Quadraphonic record; if it is good enough for Susan, it’s good enough for me!

In our interview, we cover everything from Kamran’s time growing up in Oklahoma, through his time at Interscope, and into the world of studios, hardware development and software experimentation. Through all of it, you get an impression of Kamran’s dedication to the “new” in New Media, and his entrepreneurial approach to anything in his path.

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