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May 9, 2021

Gary Chang says it himself: “I've always portrayed myself an obscure electronic music composer, whose side gig is scoring Hollywood movies and tv shows.” I don’t think I could frame his work – or his attitude – any better. He takes an artist’s view of everything he does, whether it is his own music, the music he does for ultra-popular directors (like John Frankenheimer), or even assembling the musical instruments that fill his studio.

A quick peek at his IMDB entries ( will give you a sense of his ability to ‘get it done’, and to do so at a very high level. I first ran across Gary as an owner of Wiard Synthesizer modules (most of which are modified versions of the blue-plate units Grant Richter created); but also tracked him as he pushed the envelope on great uses of modular gear in many different areas.

In our chat, we discuss his background, how he got into music technology – and music composition – and how it all came together for him in various places around the country. Weaving together stories from Boston, Pittsburgh and LA, Gary’s life is another instance of the idea that “there is no blueprint for success” in the musical world.

Enjoy, and check out Gary’s work anywhere you can find it!

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