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Jul 4, 2021

Tim Exile has been involved in the Music Tech world for a long time. As the developer of a number of effects and instruments for Native Instruments (including Flesh - and The Finger -, he became well-known for pushing the envelope on what we considered to be ‘normal’ devices. And after some great videos, we also saw his Flow Machine in action, where he took live looping in a completely new and interesting directions.

Now he is working on a platform, called Endlesss ( that brings all of this together. It combines some of the interesting interfaces of his NI work together with the depth of live performance tools that were part of the Flow Machine, and has developed a live, flexible and collaborative system for recording. To consider this a DAW would be a mistake – rather, it is more like an alternative to the DAW that helps you work ‘in the moment’.

In our discussion, we cover everything from his background (including a little more detail than you normally hear…), to his growth in Reaktor-based development, and on to his efforts to bring Endlesss into being. Along the way, we also learn a lot about Tim’s interests in embodied performance, and collaboration, and human interaction. Very interesting – and very inspirational.

You can learn more about Tim’s work at the above links, or through his personal portal at Enjoy!

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