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Sep 12, 2021

Carl Stone has been a huge influence on me – his work transported me from “Interested in that music tech stuff for making pop tunes” to “Let’s get serious!” His exploration into the nature of sampled sounds – and sampled/mashed/twisted tracks – took some of the ideas explored by Schaeffer, Cage, Reich and others, and gave them a whole new context. His recordings blew my head open, and continues to do so today.

Some time ago I connected with Carl via Facebook, and finally screwed up the courage to ask for an interview. He was into it, and we had a great talk, covering everything from his various touring systems, to his love of Japan, to his seeming obsession with food and restaurants. Throughout all of it, you get a glimpse of the man – and the artist – that continues to push the envelope of sonic exploration.

Much of Carl’s older work has been reissued, and is available both in physical form as well as streaming. If you haven’t yet dug into Carl Stone’s work – get on it! A good starting point is his website:

Transcription available at

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