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Art + Music + Technology

Welcome to the Art + Music + Technology podcast page! I hope that you like what you hear, and please drop me a line if you have any questions or comments. You can always reach me at


Feb 20, 2022

Steuart Liebig’s story is quite amazing. From high school jazz gigging, through extensive touring, to a spot as part of LA’s verdant experimental jazz scene, Steuart’s life of music is quite amazing. A proponent of the 6-string bass, you can find Steuart working in groups with Nels Cline, Wayne Peet and G.E....

Feb 6, 2022

OK, so this is a little different…

I, and many of my coworkers, tend to do special things around the number “74” (the company name is Cycling ’74, if you didn’t already know). For #374, I decided that I’d talk to David Zicarelli again – just like I did in #74.

When I asked him, he rejected the interview...