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Aug 3, 2014

One concept that has come up several times in previous podcasts is the Deep Listening movement, a system of applied listening focus that was developed and is championed by today's guest, Pauline Oliveros. Ms. Oliveros was kind enough to spend a little time explaining the history, concepts and futures of Deep Listening, and helped me get a better feel for what is involved - and how it can help ones artistic perspective.

I'll admit something here - I was a little flustered during this conversation. Pauline is a personal 'hero', and her history places her in the center of many of the things I hold dear. So please forgive me if I'm a little gushy... <blush>

If you want more information, please check out the books mentioned in the podcast, or visit (for Deep Listening information) and (for information on Pauline's work).

Podcast #40! Thanks to everyone for their support, all of the kind emails and social media messages that I get, and for your continued listenership. You all make this so worthwhile!