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Aug 24, 2014

I first met Nick Ciontea at a Max/MSP/Jitter workshop in Madison WI, and it was clear at the time that he was (creatively) on fire. He wanted to know about everything, and wanted to understand how it all worked together. In my experience, people with this attitude end up doing great things...

Well, in fact, Nick has done just that, but in a very unexpected way. He decided to focus on live video art, but did so by being one of the first people to embrace the LZX modular video system. As a result, he was doing work unlike most others, and it ended up getting him a lot of attention. As a result, he's been doing work for a number of high-profile artists, doing live gigs around the world, and doing work preparing video for large-scale shows. And all of this happened over the course of three years!

This is a great podcast for people that are wondering how to get into video art, but is also a great discussion for peple that are not sure if their hard work will make artistic sense. I really enjoyed this discussion, and I hope you do too!

You can check out Nick's work at