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Dec 20, 2015

Giorgio Sancristoforo has been on my radar for quite a while - mainly due to his software development work. He uses Max/MSP to develop interesting composition systems. He's probably best know for the Gleetchlab software, but I really fell in love with the Berna software, which provided a chance to experience 'old school' electronic music composition with all the limitations of the original labs.

If you aren't familiar with his software, you should check out his website:

While you are there, also take a look at some of his other work. His music is really interesting, and he was also involved in the creation of a documentary about electronic music, and he is an extraordinarily busy live performer. He's also been teaching, and working with AGON on various works.

I hope you enjoy this chat; Giorgio is an amazing guy, and I appreciated the opportunity to dig into the details with him.