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Art + Music + Technology

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Jan 17, 2016

A short time ago, I saw something on my Facebook feed that caught my attention: Gino Robair had been named Editor in Chief at Keyboard Magazine. Since this magazine had been at the center of my early obsessions with synths, and Gino had sort of 'grown up' in front of me as a contributor to these magazines, I was pleased to see this happen. It was as if my generation had finally taken over...!

So I reached out to Gino, hoping to talk to him about magazine arts and stuff. But I also knew that he had an active performing career - and I ended up focusing on that part of his background and work. He's an amazing performer, has a lot of insights on improv and compositional techniques, and has had a chance to work with some really amazing people. I'll bet you'll be as surprised as I was about the depth of his work.

Enjoy this podcast - it's a killer!