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Jan 24, 2016

Douglas Repetto is quietly putting together an outrageous CV. He was the originator of the music-dsp mailing list, the seedbed for tons of music coders. He was also the founder of dorkbot: people doing strange things with electricity, one of the first Maker-style organizations, and a great way of meeting other artists. He is a crazy-prolific media artist, and also the director of the Sound Arts MFA program at Columbia University.

So yeah, he's busy.

But he was also nice enough to do an interview with me twice. The first interview, in early September of last year, went wonderfully - but was also lost because of a problem with the recording software. This, along with the problems during Miller Puckette's interview, let to the Kickstarter campaign that purchased a Zoom H2n for the podcast. But this interview was awesome, and I was really glad we could pull this together.

You can learn much more about Douglas at his online center-of-info.