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Jun 4, 2017

Cristian Vogel has been around for quite a while - with his work in dance music being many people's introduction to his work. But he's moved into the realm of sound design and expansive composition, and the work has matured into something that I'm finding really compelling. His Bandcamp site ( will give you a great introduction to the work he's doing, and I'll be you get just as drawn in as I did.

But Cristian is about to premiere a pretty serious new project: a spacial sound and theatrical performance called The Ballad of Agnete and The Merman, commissioned by the Aarhus European Capital of Culture 2017, and placed at The Åbnescene theatre at Godsbanen in Aarhus, Denmark. Cristian has been working on this piece for 18 months, and it promises to be both a compositional and technical tour de force, especially with Cristian's close cooperation with Funktion-One for the loudspeaker array, and Sonic Emotion Labs for the spacialization tools.

But in our chat, we talk about everything from Cristian's move away from club culture to his embrace of the Kyma sound design system, and also about some of the frustrations in trying to carve out a life of creative and experimental musicianship. It was a fantastic view into a creative mind, and helps me further appreciate the depth of his work.

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