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Dec 17, 2017

Peter Grenader is a bit of a lightning rod. He's a 'personality' in a rather staid business, he's been part of the electronic scene for a long time, but he's always willing to speak his mind and provide his perspective. Some in the industry have written him off for good (he notes in the interview that he's been 'banned for life' from Muff Wiggler, for example), while other people that I respect - like Jill Frasier - find him a compelling creator and collaborator.

What you can't argue, however, is his importance in the history of electronic music and the growth in popularity of modular systems. The Plan B business drove things forward from where Doepfer had started it, but brought a level of quality and creativity that was needed to move things forward.

Alas, a tumble of problems occurred which caused Plan B to go under, and it was at a time when the modular community was just growing, getting some leverage, and was unwilling to let this just dry up. The result was a huge fight  - one that I didn't witness at the time, but whose footprints are still seen all over the modular synth landscape.

Peter's willingness to talk about this, along with his assurances that his debts had been paid, should help us get past some of the problems of the past, and to be able to look that Plan B in its proper historical light, as well as illuminate the work that he and others are doing in the future. I hope that you enjoy getting to hear Peter - in person - talk about his excitement for the future, admission of past failures, and emotional enthusiasm for the electronic arts.

This episode of the Art + Music + Technology podcast was supported, in part, by centrozoon - a trio consisting of Bernhard Wöstheinrich, Markus Reuter and Tobias Reber.