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Mar 25, 2018

OK - I'll admit to being a little curious. About Duluth. If you look at it on a map, it looks like the kind of small too-far-north city that might be artistically limited to Soviet-style number stations and not much more than that. But whether you are talking punk, techno or ambient work, Duluth seems to generate way more than its share of great music. From that milieu comes Dean Berlinerblau.

Dean first contacted me regarding the Music SDP project, a Max-based modular system for audio processing. It's a cool system, and we talk a bit about it in the 'cast. But as we talked more, I found out about his recent release (Transformational Variances, as Modify), as well as his work developing local Duluth shows and interesting views on performance. He was willing to come down for a visit, and we recorded a nice chat.

I hope you enjoy my discussion with Dean, and take the time to check out both his vision and his recording. Cheers!