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Jul 22, 2018

As a result of talking with Guy Ben-Ary last week, I was reminded of my need to talk to another Perth-ian: Andrew Fitch. Andrew is the man behind the sound-making machinery in Guy's cellF project, but he also runs the incredible Nonlinear Circuits modular synth business.

Nonlinear is one of those places that is focused heavily on the DIY/kit world, and Andrew (along with friend/collaborator Nathan) do a monthly workshop that is helping people get over the hump on synth building - and getting a system of their own as part of the project!

Our discussion ranges all over the place; from the pleasures of Perth to my absolute terror over working with SMT's (and Andrew's assurances that it'll all work out in the end...). He is also a very fun and funny guy, and this was one of the most relaxed chats I've had.

Take a listen, and learn about the DIY business and the work that Andrew is doing on his rapid-turnaround module business. And if you end up wanting to go to Perth (as I now do...), all the better! Enjoy!!!