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Jul 29, 2018

Portland-based Abraham Ingle is making a difference. He started with synth DIY when there was precious little information, and gleaned what he could from books and articles, online forums and whoever he could get to spill some knowledge. What he's done is to turn it around, make synth DIY super-accessible to anyone, and provide the lynchpins to people that want to make their own synth, rather than just buying off the shelf.

AI Synthesis is his company, and it is "the company he wishes existed when he got started." Not only does it provide kits with clear build instructions (a helpful start on its own), but it also provides great beginners information - such as what sort of tools to buy, how to select a soldering iron and a nice walk-through called "Get Started in Synth DIY". If you've wanted to start making a more personal instrument - or if you just need to maximize the cash you spend on an instrument, this is a great way to start.

One of the fun things about talking to Abe is that he is opinionated, but also open-minded. That means that he'll throw out ideas, but is also open to taking them in - which leads to a fascinating conversation. With experience as both builder and musician, his opinions count, too. I hope you enjoy the chat, and I also hope that you check out AI Synthesis' work!