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Jan 13, 2019

As a young(er) dude wrapping my head around music technology, there was one person that was consistently inspiring to me: Larry Fast. From his work as Synergy (which you can learn about here:, or as a backing musician with Peter Gabriel, or doing composition and sound design across the industry, Fast's work was always pushing my ideas of what synths could do. So it was an amazing opportunity when I was introduced to Larry - and got a chance to record this chat with him.

Larry has never not been busy, and that remains the case: he's been working on a documentary (Saving the Great Swamp), creating archives from his Synergy work and putting together the material for a new release. This in combination with working with the Thomas Edison National Historic Park, and is deeply involved in historic preservation information.

Preparing for this interview got me diving back into the Synergy catalog, and I was reminded how much some of those albums (particularly Cords, Audion, Computer Experiments) lit my mind up with alternatives to the easily-patched voicings and preset sounds. I owe him a lot for that, and I hope you enjoy this discussion with Larry Fast.