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Apr 14, 2019

It's pretty hard to avoid gear lust when you see 1010 Music's work in action. Originally launched as the Bitbox, the touchscreen, high-function module has spawned a number of implementations, including the Synthbox, Fxbox, Toolbox and - most recently - the standalone Blockbox. I've been in awe of this system since it was first released, and I'm glad to have the chance to talk with the creator - Aaron Higgins.

Based out of LA, Aaron and his spouse have 1010 humming. By focusing on a specific setup (a touch-based interface on a fully-digital module base), they have been creating some eye-popping modules for sample playback, digital synthesis, realtime sequencing and even laser pattern generation. You have to see some of these things to believe them, but in general you can say that 1010 is pushing the envelope of what we think a module can do.

In our talk, we discuss the development of the platform, the differences in the devices, and Aaron's inspiration and design aesthetic. We also peek at his background as a developer, and look into the future of standalone hardware creation.

I got a chance to see the 1010 Blackbox in action at Synthplex, and am so glad that he took the opportunity to have a chat. If you want to see more about their hardware offerings, check out their website: