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Art + Music + Technology

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Jul 7, 2019

Talk about lucking out. My friend Tim Place has been on me for a while about interviewing someone whose work is important to him - Stephan Moore. I was intrigued, but also distracted, and so I never seemed to get it together to reach out to him. Then, at the recent C74 Expo, Tim introduced me to him. We had a quick chat, set up an interview plan, and it was golden.

I didn't expect what I got: one of the easiest interviews ever! Stephan has done so many different and interesting things that he doesn't seem to have anything to prove - resulting in a laid-back presentation that draws you into the conversation in a very inviting way. This was one of those interviews that, when I was done, felt more like 5 minutes than 50.

We talk about speaker design, audio/composition for dance and the program he teaches in at Northwestern. As expected, we also dive into his background, which is so familiar to me (ending up in art school as an alternative to music school...). I felt like I left a lot of questions on the table, but maybe that means I'll be talking with him again soon.

Enjoy, and have a great week!