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Art + Music + Technology

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Jul 14, 2019

Sometimes I'm just blown away by the people I get to meet. Sometimes it's because of their stories. Sometimes it's because of their raw talent. And sometimes it is about the body of work that they've created. But on rare occasions, I run into somebody with all of the above - and it is awe-inspiring.

Michael Wall is an educator at The University of Utah, as a teacher/performer/composer in the dance department. Does that sound weird? Probably. Is it effective? Oh yeah! Between 'playing for class', helping dancers become amazing composers (via Ableton Live) and producing hundreds of tracks each year, Michael is a very, very busy dude. Combine that with the fact that he is also both an active performer and a parent, and it becomes overwhelming.

This was one of the most amazing interviews I've ever done, and it came about quite unexpectedly - he wrote me as a fan of the podcast, and filled me in on a little of his work. As I tend to do, I followed up with a little research, and became increasingly intrigued. Then I talked to him, and I couldn't believe what I heard. The amount of music he creates, commissions that he takes on, and students that he teaches - it's just amazing.

I hope you enjoy this discussion as much as I did. You should also take the opportunity to check out his work: either on Spotify, or at his website at

And thanks for listening!