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Art + Music + Technology

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Jul 28, 2019

Christopher Reid Martin is at the center of a lot of artistic worlds. Through his involvement with Coaxial Arts (, he is deeply tied into the experimental art world in LA. He's also been recording with a variety of groups over the years, and has also been working with Max (and is currently working at Cycling '74). I wanted to get a chance to talk with Christopher, and to find out how he molds all of these different things into a cohesive whole.

The answer is complex, but it seems to be connected to a love of all arts - and particularly the place when multiple media come together. This is clearly why he was drawn to Coaxial, Max and a lot of other stuff that he is into.

In our chat, we talked about Coaxial - how it got started, how it operates and how he is involved. We also talk about his musical exploits, including Shelter Death, and the broad variety of other projects that are either on-going or on-hiatus. But, as it my interest, we also explore his background, and how a kid growing up in Orange County get this deeply into the experimental arts scene.

You can find out more about Christopher's work here:

Enjoy, and thanks for listening!