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Nov 3, 2019

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Andrew Baschyn is a bit of a legend here in Minneapolis. With 30 years of music-making behind him, and a set of both new and re-releases about to hit, he's been super active. So I was very pleased to get to visit his studio, have a chat, and get to know a little bit more about the man behind Baschyn Musik.

What's interesting is the surprising number of people I've interviewed whose stories start in Iowa! In Andrew's case, it started there, but really came together in Chicago - where he got to experience 'juice bars', DJs, a broad variety of musical styles and some great music stores. This led to his embrace of gear, and his love affair with the E-mu Emulator III.

Andrew is a big fan (it holds a prominent place in his studio), but is equally adept at working with MPC's, analog synths of all sorts, and Waldorf synths in particular. He is also massively into analog effects, with racks and racks of old Roland rack-mount effects, tape echos, spring reverbs, flangers and phase-shifters, all running through a pristine Toft board. This place is set up for a beautiful, thick sound.

All of this is pretty useless, though, if you don't get music to come out of it. While his career is not so easily searched (we talk about it in the interview - his most prolific work period was in-between print and web publicity, so much of his work is somewhat undocumented), there are a few things to peek at:

The Baschyn Musik YouTube channel:

A SoundClick location for Autonomous:

Andrew's Instagram:

The Baschyn Musik Facebook Connection:

Check out his work, enjoy our discussion, and have a great week!