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Art + Music + Technology

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Nov 17, 2019

Kenneth Kirschner's music first got on my radar in a New Music Minnesota email, which pointed to a fabulous video  ( In this video discussion, Kenneth talked about his process - and his feelings about recorded work as its own 'thing'. I found it fascinating, and reached out - and this chat is the result!

If you want to see an artist 'put it all out there', you need to check out This is a rolling history of Kenneth's work, and it goes back to 1989! The music ranges from cinematic to experimental, but always seems to walk the knife's edge of classical, electronic, experimental and, well, Kenneth's own voice. It's a great body of work, and it is amazing that it is all so freely shared.

Kenneth was so free in revealing his process, his ideas (even his naming process...) and his compositional system, and this is one of those occasions where learning about the creation process loops back into ones enjoyment of the listening. After our talk, I found myself going *way back* into the archive to hear the artistic transformations he talked about in the interview. Beautiful.

This chat also got me inspired to get a little more serious about archiving my damned work! Hopefully that seriousness sticks for a while...