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Dec 1, 2019

There are many ways to create a body of work. You can crunch away at tracks, canvases or blocks of marble, building more and more until you have the body of work that you can share as your work. Or, alternatively, you can create a system, fine-tune it, and use it to create an array of work that is representative of your ideas - and the expression of you working with your system.

This is how William Fields works.

The system that he's created - through years of iterating, integrating and coding - is the basis for his FieldsOS radio show work (found here:, his live performances and his releases on several labels. Digging into his website (, you'll be able to experience the many different ways he approaches using the work - and you can track his releases over the years as well.

This was a super-exciting interview for me, and reminded me of the power of long-form work; iterating on your systems can have a powerful effect on the work you are able to create! Enjoy!

(Note: for folks on my Patreon - - William has created a special track for second- and third-tier supporters. Take a listen!)