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Dec 8, 2019

There is something kind of fascinating about clock systems. They are the beat of our systems - regardless of artform. They need to be unwavering, but also need to be responsive to our changes. The product that Ed Guild creates - The Missing Link - is a hardware clocking device with a different: it can attach to, and interact with, an Ableton Link timing network!

When I first saw this in action, I was pretty blown away. When I got farther into the product, I was even more excited - rather than a hacker-ific kludge, The Missing Link is as pro as you can imagine, with thoughtful design and a super-clear system setup procedure. This was one of those devices that *had* to have someone interesting behind it, so I reached out to Ed to get the word.

What I found was a dedicated guy that was focused on doing things right. Getting procedures right, making the casing right, doing the right thing with software updates - Ed's ideals came through in the product, and the company that supports it.

In our talk, we get into everything from the print industry to collaborating with your brother-in-law, and many points in-between. And if you want to know more about The Missing Link, check out the Circuit Happy site here: