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Art + Music + Technology

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Dec 22, 2019

There are a few modules that have been quietly creeping into discussions - and modular rigs - over the last few months. One manufacturer that keeps coming up is Schlappi Engineering - and especially the Angle Grinder module. I'm not sure how you make a quadrature oscillator sexy - but Eric Schlappi seems to have done it!

In this chat, we go over Eric's background, how he came up with some of his modules, some of the technologies that he's exploring for the future, and his own music-making (and performing) process. His modules are opinionated (in that they have design decisions that can drive you in certain directions), but in a way that can still allow you to maintain your own voice. He also talks about his own obsession with analog monosynths, and how this has influenced his own electronics development.

In addition to his modules, you can check out some of his recorded work on his Bandcamp site ( Also, for Tier 2 (and above) Patreon supporters (, we have an extended interview about the performative aspects of the 100 Grit that is particularly interesting.