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Art + Music + Technology

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Feb 16, 2020

When Seth Cluett first introduced me to Angelica Negrón, I was also introduced to a few videos, including a documentary produced by Bric TV ( that was super-revealing. It showed Angelica gathering vegetables for use as a sensor-based instrument, as well as playing with a collection of toys she'd collected over the years. It was simultaneously disarming and intriguing. Perfect for an interview!

Checking out other videos, including a performance of Gone ( and a description of Chorus Of The Forest (, I saw the breadth of her work and the inventiveness that she brings to it. And in discussing that work, she always speaks of demystifying the interaction of technology, sound and art. 

Whether creating orchestral work, small group compositions or site-specific performances, Angelica's efforts as a composer combine thoughtfulness, complexity and fun in a really unique way. In our interview, we get a chance to dive into the journey from student to composer, and how she is, in turn, helping the next generation of composers prepare to share their voices.

Super-inspiring - I hope you enjoy listening to Angelica Negrón!