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Art + Music + Technology

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Apr 26, 2020

As I mention at the beginning of the podcast, I feel like I've know Laura Escudé for most of the time that I've spend in the MI industry. She was there in the early days of my NAMM days as one of the demo masters in the Ableton booth. Later, I started seeing her working on live shows around the world, speaking to Laura's professional bona fides.

Even more recently, I started to see notices on social media about live streaming masterclasses, her Transmute program for live show development, and her team of professionals that work under the Electronic Creatives moniker. She's also been putting together performances - some of her videos are great examples of her live show development process.

So it was great to talk to Laura, get some info on her background, and learn more about how she perceives music technology, performance design, and live performance (especially in the age of COVID-19). Her insights are very timely, but also point to the complexity that performances - live or online - might entail.

Check out more about Laura at, and check out some of her video work at her YouTube channel. And enjoy the chat!