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Art + Music + Technology

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Apr 25, 2021

As the head of content development for Nonlinear Educating (the home of MacProVideo, Ask.Audio, Ask.Video and more…), Steve Horelick has been in the media tool education game for a long time. He’s had his eyes on music software since Logic was an Emagic product. But he also has a long history as a musician and sound designer, with some pretty impressive scoring projects under his belt – most notably, the musical world of Reading Rainbow!

In our discussion, we talk about his history in music and scoring, his love and respect of All Things Buchla, how he transitioned into education, and how he keeps his musical chops sharp. During all of this discussion, he also reveals a lot about collaboration, and opens the door to a lot of information about being yourself in the crazy world of music and composing.

If you aren’t familiar with Nonlinear’s offerings, you can check it out at my favorite: MacProVideo (, or get some reading in at Ask.Audio ( There is so much there to explore…


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