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Nov 28, 2021

When Andrew Pask pointed me toward Plan 9 (and made an initial introduction), I couldn’t really tell what I was getting into. The soundtrack work was very interesting, and their recent releases mapped out a compelling set of skills. But then I checked out Modwheel – which is their sample library company – and started to connect the dots: Really unique sound design and instrument design led to quirky soundtrack work, which led to crazy sample libraries, which leads to even more sound design work.

An organic circle of life!

Speaking with Steve Roche and David Donaldson open the door to understanding how Plan 9 got started, how they developed their interesting and unique sound (can you believe that The Flying Nun makes an appearance?), and how they create a creative working atmosphere that puts them in a position to constantly make great work. Their ‘systemic’ approach to building a work life is an inspiration, and has got me paying attention to these Wellington natives.

Check out and to see their work in action.


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